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Rotary Racing (CC) was founded in 1989 by Anton Brits.  

Rotary Racing is situation in Elsburg, Germiston (Gauteng). It is a small business specializing in race proven reliability building, re-building and porting of high performance Rotary Engines for road and race purposes. 

Anton started his racing career at Dunswart Oval track in 1982 before getting involved in circuit racing, as engine builder for Eric Vakal of Boss Paving, in this Mazda Capella in 1988.

In 1989 he purchased the ex- Brian Heger Capella (shell) and rebuilt the whole car in nine months, to be raced in the 1990 season of the Clubman’s Association (Super Saloons).

During  the 1st year of circuit racing in 1990 he won the Class championship as well as the Overall championship and was awarded with “Transvaal Colours”.

This car was sold and a RX7 bought body was purchased, which then was rebuilt and successful raced the 1st year, winning another Class championship.

In 1996 he again won a Class Championship as well as the Overall Championship. He was awarded the Gauteng Northern Region, R.S.A. colours. In 2001 Anton again won the Class Championship and ended 3rd in the Overall Championship. In 2002 he was successfully running a Microtech Management Fuel Management System. Anton again won the Class Championship and ended 5th in the  Overall Championship and 4th in the Index Championship.

It was time for something bigger and better. An Opel Calibra body was purchase and rebuilt with a Triple Rotor (20B) normal aspirated peripheral port rotary engine, fitted with a Microtech LTX12 Management System, a three butterfly IDA intake system, 4 speed Jerico gearbox with a Ford 9 inch diff full floating side shafts and 16 inch wheels.  This car was successfully raced in 2003 and another Class Championship was on as well as the Overall Championship. He again was rewarded with  “RSA” Northern Region colors.

The engine was upgraded to a 20B turbo engine with a 5 speed Jerico gearbox and a Microtech LTX16, to race in the same Class as all the V8 cars.  

On 16 February 2013 during an unofficial practice session, whilst preparing for the new racing season, this car was totally destroy by a fire at a race track. The propshaft snapped and smashed an oil line causing a catastrophic fire. He was lucky to escape without a scratch.

A new frame was acquired and after much hard work it is almost race ready. The newly built car is a Jaguar body with a 20B Turbo Rotary Engine.

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Rotary Racing is the only (Australian) factory authorized Microtech Fuel Management dealer in South Africa!
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